PCextreme Peering Policy

PCextreme (AS48635) has an open peering policy.


Requirements for our peering partners:

  • Peering shall happen over IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously
  • Partners must have an up-to-date NOC contact email, which is responsive to raised issues and concerns.
  • Partners must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, DDoS attacks, hacking or virus threats

PCextreme reserves the right to not peer with anyone as we see fit and to terminate any peering at any time with 7 days notice

Private Interconnection

If partners exchange more than 1Gbps of traffic in a specific location, either party can request a PNI.


PCextreme uses PeeringDB as a source of truth. Peering partners must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry before a peering session can be established.

AS48635: https://www.peeringdb.com/asn/48635

Request Peering / NOC

The NOC of PCextreme can be reached on network@pcextreme.nl

This e-mail address shall only be used for peering and other network backbone related inquiries.